Neat things posted by other teachers

I enjoyed reading this post at If you’ve ever wondered what a trillion bucks looks like, it gives a great visual.


11 comments on “Neat things posted by other teachers

  1. Brandon Jones says:

    I enjoyed the slidshow it was interesting to see what a trillion dollars would look in person those are alot of bills 🙂

  2. Jason Nettleton says:

    In one word: dang. In more than one word, this is very informative and shows the reality of America’s debt.

  3. Elise Covas says:

    Our economy seems to just continue to get worse! Looking at the past, in 1957 our national debt was around 7%. We are now $13,000,000,000,000 (all those zeroes mean trillion, unfortunetly) in debt. If you look at the slideshow, that is thirteen times the amount of money you see in that slide! Of course, we also must consider that moneys worth was different back then. A gallon of gas in the 50’s was 25 cents. Now it is about $2.78. But this statistic could also lead to a different thought: inflation. Our money is becoming less and less valuable, and the worst outcome of this recession would be inflation! So far, predictions have been made that our debt will continue to grow, and our generation will get the worst of it. We must make our own footprint in history, and work to reform America’s economy.

  4. Brian Harold says:

    For me the slide show was very eye-opening. Its absolutely ridiculous how far in debt we are. On September 2, 2010 the total debt was $13,442,057,367,029.28 and the current US population is 310,173,219 people so everyone including 7 second old babies would have to pay $43 to get us out of debt. That does not seem like a lot but to many people that would be quite a bit to pay if you had 2 or 3 children. Its amazing how much debt the US has accumulated over time but the government is taking the right steps to help pay it off.

    • George Park says:

      The government is definitely not taking the right steps…the way they’re spending, we’re gonna be in debt for a long time…

      • Ziab Kabir says:

        The only reason why they are spending like this is to accommodate this high standard of living we have in the United States. Honestly, if they were just using the money they had this would be a whole different place.

  5. Clark Billups says:

    Only if we had all that money put into our school.

  6. George Park says:

    Wow! That slide show was a real eye-opener. I always knew a trillion dollars was a lot, but I didn’t realize it’s THAT much. The fact that we owe $13,442,057,367,029.28 (as of September 2, 2010). Another thing to worry about, as Elise pointed out, is inflation. As our debt grows, and we print more and more money, the U.S. dollar is loses value. However, as Brian Harold pointed out, if each person in the United States paid about $43 dollars, our debt would be completely paid off. When put in that way, 13 trillion dollars doesn’t seem to be as big of a debt as it really is. If all Americans were to work together, we could solve many of our problems, including our economic crisis!

  7. Ziab Kabir says:

    Recently I watched the movie I.O.U.S.A. which basically says that this debt will be passed down through generations. We, our kids and maybe our grandchildren will have this burden that could result in the end of a world superpower. How’s that for responsibility!

  8. Brooke Voyzey says:

    I can’t believe we have that much debt.

  9. Alexander McGill says:

    I find it even more amazing that one person will probably never even own one of those smaller sized piles that you could carry around in your backpack all day and nobody would even notice. If I were the president I would definitely have the nation’s debt as one of my top priorities, that amount of debt (still growing) could have disastrous consequences in the future. We don’t know what the world will look like in another hundred years, the United States might not even exist considering that our country is far younger than many others that still exist today.

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