Poor blog, I’ve been neglecting you…

And I have no excuse, really.  I could say that I’ve been hard at work on Nanowrimo, but that would be an exaggeration.  (Halfway through November, and I just breached 10,000 words yesterday.  I am about 15,000 words behind.)  Some of it is because of an onslaught of essays from my (very large) AP classes.  A large part of it is because over the last few years I have developed a very powerful (and often debilitating) new superpower.  I am Easily Distracted Woman!  I have a hard time concentrating when there are other things to grab my attention (ooh, shiny object!).  TweetDeck is one such thing.  I will quietly admit to being somewhat addicted to Farmville & Frontierville (I know, I know, don’t judge me too harshly).  Nanowrimo is helping with that.  It’s like a 50,000 step program, if you will. (Squirrel!) Lexulous isn’t helping either.  And now Zuckerberg wants to make it easier for me to stay on Facebook.  Evil, evil man.

That being said, I actually do have a few cool things to share.  First, a guest post I wrote earlier this morning for World History Teachers Blog about an item that appeared in Sunday’s New York Times.  Check that out when you have a moment.  My students and I will be attempting to solve the budget problem on Thursday during our flex period.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

The other cool thing I found was on the National Geographic website.  They aren’t just about amazing photography, ya know.  Apparently, you can slide down the Great Wall of China.  Who knew?! I had the chance to visit in 2006 (I went to the Badaling section, not the Mutianyu one, as the author of the post did), and we did not get to slide down any part of the wall.  Color me disappointed.  I shall have to go back to China someday soon and check out the slide.

Nanowrimo update: The first 3000 words really were awful and the story didn’t go much of anywhere.  The last 7000 have been much better, and I seem to have hit my stride, at least for the moment.  I hope to keep up the momentum during this week.


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