I miss fiction

The last three weeks I have been occupied with school – both my day job and my grad program.  I am loving my class, and I keep wondering why on earth I waited so long to do this program.  When I mentioned this to a very dear friend of mine, her response was “It wasn’t the right time.”  She was right of course, but then, she usually is.

So my days have been taken up with teaching, and I’m just entering the time period I really love to teach – the 19th century – and my AP students are catching up to my World History 2 students, which means that in about 2 weeks or so, we’ll have blown past my WH2 students (chronologically speaking, of course).  My evenings have been taken up with either reading for my class or staring off into space, my brain a gooey mass of not-good-for-much-of-anything.  And remember, I’m enjoying myself.  Thank goodness the cats don’t require intelligent conversation at night.

This week’s book has been a struggle for me (notice, that instead of finishing the damn thing as I should be doing, I’m writing a blog post…), mostly because of the writing style.  The author is taking the phrase “academic writing” to an extreme.  There are times when I have to stop and look up a word.  Several times.  In one sentence.  And I have a rather large vocabulary.  Or, at least, I understand a lot of words, and don’t usually have to go running for a dictionary multiple times during a reading session.  Forget multiple times per sentence.  I get that academics have to write at a certain level in order to be taken seriously, but I’m frustrated because it’s so hard to figure out what the heck she’s actually saying because her writing is so convoluted.

This all comes back down to the title of the post: I miss fiction.  I love reading history (most of the time, see above paragraph!), and I read it often, but other than reading two pages of the beginning of C. J. Sansom’s Heartstone last night, I haven’t looked at a fiction book since my class started.

And it’s not lookin’ like I’m going to be able to add another 2 pages of Sansom’s book tonight.

Sigh. Back to the trudge-fest that is this week’s book.  I will prevail!



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