Walk, Jessica, Walk!*

About two years ago, I tried training to walk a half marathon.  Yes, walk – I don’t like running, and besides, they say walking’s easier on your joints than running is.  So walking. So I downloaded a 12 week program and began to work my way up in mileage.  Sundays became my “long walk” days (not to be confused with the Long March).  Two miles, then 3, then 4 … I actually got up to seven miles.

Seven!  That’s just about a quarter of a marathon.  It took me two hours, 14 minutes and 8 seconds.  I have the Nike+ sensor on my sneakers, and I keep track.  I like seeing the miles rack up.  For instance, since I got my first sensor, I’ve walked a total of 377.27 miles (give or take some user error on starting the damn thing, hitting pause by accident, etc.).  That is the equivalent of going from Washington, dc to just a little bit north of Princeton, NJ and back.  Yes, and back!  Pretty darn cool.

Unfortunately, I was stopped in my tracks by the return of a foot injury.  That was in October, 2009.  I made some half-hearted attempts at it in the intervening years, but half-hearted tends to leave me with maybe getting up to 2 and a half miles once, and then I stop.  That’s not even half of a half of a half marathon.  Or something (history teacher, not math).

So, I’m going to try again.  If I can do seven, I bet I can do 8.  Maybe 10.  Maybe 13.1.  This serves as my official announcement: I’m trying again.  I’m hoping that by about the end of October, I’ll have that ole’ half marathon all buttoned up.  I’m not signing up for an official one, because pacing is an issue: from what I’ve seen, most half marathons like walkers to keep to about a 17 minute/mile pace.  I’m working on distance at this point, not speed, and these days my pace is pretty slow.  I used to (ages and ages and ages ago) be able to do a pace of about 16 minutes/mile, but that was long ago in a galaxy far, far away.  Focus: distance.  Feel free to join me on those 6 milers.  Or 7.  Or 10.  *grin*

The schedule for this week:











30 min easy

20 min stroll

30 min easy


30 min stroll

3 miles easy


*Apologies to everyone associated with Forrest Gump.


2 comments on “Walk, Jessica, Walk!*

  1. Sarcasmom says:

    Good for you Jessica!. I employed much the same strategy when I trained for the Broad Street Run. I downloaded a training schedule, and then went public with my goal so I would be less likely to give up. It worked. The heat and humidity here right now are more than I can take on a run right now. When it breaks I will go back to it , aiming for a run in November. I kind of like the solitude when I run. Good luck !

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