Finished! Done! Finite Incantatum!

Finally, finally, finally I am finished with my grad class! It’s all over now but the wait (for grades), which of course will be agony. It will also be loooooong, if this past semester has been any sort of pattern. The professor took 3 weeks to return my midterm exam. My second set of journals has yet to be returned to me. Yes, my paper and my final journal were turned in late, but I sort of feel like if she doesn’t seem to care about my time or about her deadlines, then why should I? Grr.

I really hope that next semester, class is much better. I am not sure that I can take this much time and energy to focus on something that it going to be be so frustrating and so much a waste of time. Other than getting something out of the readings on my own, I feel like I really didn’t get much out of the class or from the professor. I felt as if the students were doing most of the work of the class, and the professor was just there for the ride, so to speak. I did learn from my classmates, but other than essentially providing a time and place for us to meet, the professor was superfluous.

No matter. I am finished!!!! I can now read fun books to my heart’s content, or at least until the next semester begins again. I am so excited about that. I have so many books that are on my TBR list. I have a few YA fiction books to read, and then there is the new Diana Gabaldon, which I am really looking forward to reading. That should be great fun. I’ve also got my friend Sheila’s book to read, as well as a short story collection edited by George R. R. Martin (I got it because there is a Diana Gabaldon short story as well as a Charlaine Harris one. Woo!). Speaking of George R. R. Martin, I still haven’t yet read A Dance with Dragons, so there’s that to look forward to as well! Goodness. So many fun books to read. Winter break will be over all too soon, alas.

First up: Divergent by Veronica Roth. Yay!


2 comments on “Finished! Done! Finite Incantatum!

  1. Meera says:

    Dang, girl, I wish I could read as much as you do! I’m lucky if I get a full half-hour a day. I kinda gave up on the book we were reading together… bummer. But I’m really enjoying Song of Ice and Fire, and I really want to read the Hunger Games before the movie comes out in March, and Diana Gabaldon is coming up, too, and I don’t want to miss it… Gah!

    • A) I read fast. B) no kids, just cats. C) Other than grad school, I haven’t read anything for fun since the end of October. *sigh*
      I’ve also given up on Sarum – I just couldn’t get into it. I think it was too soon after reading London, which was a very similar book. Too much of a muchness.

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