Does size matter?

Not in THAT sense, silly.

I was just trying to wade my way through the 600 plus posts in my Google Reader, and I came across one particularly loooooong entry. And while I was interested in what the blogger had to say (no, I won’t say who), my attention wandered rather quickly.

My question to you, dear reader is what is the ideal blog entry length? 100 words? 250 words? 500? To give you an idea, this post is about 100 words (give or take). My post from yesterday was about 350 words.


One comment on “Does size matter?

  1. This is a question we all ask ourselves (or should), and personally I think it totally depends on the topic or entry — People who write entries meant to inform, i.e. educate an audience, might hold attention longer than someone who is telling a personal story. If it flows, if it stays relevant and interesting, if it makes solid points throughout… Write on! Either way, some readers are always going to skim.

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