The obligatory New Year’s Resolutions entry

New Year’s Resolutions? Last year I had all kinds of resolutions. Get in shape. Get healthy. Lose weight. Read 100 books in a year. That was not the best one, given that I managed to read 60 last year. Not bad, really. I’ve made a new resolution, which is to read 70 books in 2012. This is definitely a resolution that I can keep.

My second resolution is to write something every day. Starting with should help, I think. I’ve got a challenge to meet – write 750 words every day. that’s actually a lot of writing, but I think I should probably be able to do it. I will count any writing I do for class, as well as anything else that I decide to do. I think that getting into the habit of writing will be good for me, and I really enjoy writing, and have been wanting to do it, so I might as well just….well, do it. Ha ha! Let’s see. Check in on me in a few weeks.

So, reading and writing, easy peasey. I’d like to add a blogging resolution – I’d like to be sure to post once a week. If I’m writing every day, weekly postings to my blog should be easy too, right? We’ll see what happens once work and school start back up again. Again, check up on me.

So far I’ve got reading 70 books in a year. I’ve got writing 750 words a day. I’m going to post weekly. What about music? I’d like to play more music, if possible. I’ve got a new quartet starting up, and it looks like we’ll try to meet on a semi-regular basis, and they want to play Beethoven, so that’s seriously exciting. It would be really good to get to know those quartets better, and get them better under my fingers. Speaking of, I’d better practice a bit tomorrow! I’m playing next weekend!!

That leaves health. I think I’d like to do what the Zen Habits blog talked about – change a habit, rather than talk about losing weight. So my first habit to work on, the one I’m going to work on for the month of January, is to start exercising again. So I will be adding a new habit this year. Several, actually. I’m adding a writing habit and a walking habit. I already have a reading and music playing habit, so those won’t be new ones. I’ll be walking a bit every day. Today I walked for about 40 minutes. I walked for about 20 minutes yesterday and 15 on the day before. My goal for this month is to walk at least 20 minutes a day and try to walk for longer on Saturdays and Sundays. I’d like to walk outside as much as possible with a goal of walking in a particular route with a stopping and starting point. For example, walking around Roosevelt island today was easy and it went really quickly. It was pretty, and I was listening to an audio book, which made the time go pretty fast. I don’t remember where I read about that idea as a way to help out the exercise habit, but it is definitely a good one. Outside is nice too because the walking can be more challenging in some ways than on a treadmill. Plus more interesting. However, if it’s nasty out, then I’ve got the gym to go back to. And I’m sure we’ll have some days that are just nasty, since we haven’t had much in the way of snow yet, and it’s got to be coming, it just has to. (Do I hear snow day, anyone?!)

So instead of resolutions, I’ve got habits. I think these new habits will be good. I think that I will be able to start and keep these new habits. And if not, well…as I said, check up on me.


One comment on “The obligatory New Year’s Resolutions entry

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