Yowza! the to-read list is super long this year

I just added 20 books to my to-read list on Goodreads. And that doesn’t include the forty or so that were carry-overs from last year. And the year before. And the year before that. Ahem. I tend to get into reading jags where I read a particular genre of book, or a particular author. And I also have buying jags, which don’t always match up with the reading jags. It’s actually a family habit. I come by it honestly through genetics. Dark hair, dark eyes, bad vision and buying and reading books. Yep, that’s the Hodgson family trait. There was a point at which I figured out our family motto: Habemus libris. “We have books.” I tried to figure out how to say “We buy books” in Latin, but google translator wasn’t cooperating. It kept giving me “buy books” in English again. Silly translator. (Let’s take a moment to marvel at the fact that I can sit in my home at my desk and find a way to immediately translate something from English into a dead language using only my computer and the interwebs, shall we? Stunning.)

At any rate, the fact that I have 62 books on my to-read list, not to mention the 23 that are on my currently reading list means that I should have no trouble whatsoever with the goal of reading 80 books this year, right? Well, let’s let the year get to be more than just a day and a half old before we start celebrating the completion of a goal, right? I thought this post was an interesting take – I took at look at my numbers of pages read (thanks to Goodreads for having this particular function) and noticed that while I read more books last year (61) than in 2010 (51), I also read fewer pages last year (17,996) than in 2010 (18,975). And that doesn’t even include the number of student essays I read!!! Goodness, I read about 800 essays at the AP Reading in June, and in the 2010-2011 school year … ooh. Do I really want to do that math? Oh, yes, lets. Just for fun, shall we? I had 90 students last year. I think I assigned them 9 or 10 essays over the year. Let’s go with the smaller number. So that’s 810 essays. But then I let them rewrite their essays. Let’s assume that only 2/3 of the students rewrote their essays (because I know it wasn’t all of them, that’s for sure). So if that’s the case, than I read…1,350 essays last year? On top of the 800 I read at the reading? Eep. No wonder it always takes me so long to grade essays.

Speaking of grading essays…I do have a pile waiting for me next to me on my desk. They are staring at me accusingly. “You have neglected us all break long! How dare you!”

What, you don’t anthropomorphize your grading?


One comment on “Yowza! the to-read list is super long this year

  1. Cassie says:

    I think you’re stellar (for reading all those essays especially…since I want to be a teacher and all) but you can definitely read 80 books. JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

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