Apropos of my post from yesterday

Someone posted this. And now I want one.


If Queen Victoria had a scrapbook…

I just found this lovely website: an online scrapbook of Queen Victoria. The site was created by the British Monarchy website (click here for the main site), and it designed to look just like an actual scrapbook. It has images, letters, maps and even some actual film footage from her Diamond Jubilee in 1897! I was astonished to see that there was film footage – it boggles the mind to realize that she was crowned in the middle of the 19th century, before the American Civil War, and lived through until the beginning of the last century. And here we are, in our living rooms and bedrooms learning about her on the internet at the dawn of the our century. It’s weird to realize that while the world was such a different place then, we are not really that far away from it. I wonder what Victoria would make of the world today?
Thanks to Two Nerdy History Girls for the link to the site!